Why Hire a Licensed Asbestos Contractor

Being proactive and environmentally focused, Peerless Environmental has developed asbestos abatement removal services to protect our community and environment.

Removal is a tricky and dangerous business. Any disruption of the materials can cause fibers to become airborne. That is why DIY asbestos abatement is not recommended.

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We work to create a safe working environment with specialized equipment, such as top-quality industrial-grade HEPA vacuums, and of course wearing all types of personal protective gear like eyewear, gloves, and body suits. We often start by disabling HVAC units and sealing openings like windows and doors with plastic sheeting. As Greenville’s best asbestos abatement contractor, waste disposal is also a very important part of the process. This requires an onsite sealed container that is clearly and accurately labeled, then transported to qualified landfills to receive the hazardous materials.

Asbestos is considered regulated toxic waste and is very dangerous. Removal should only be done by a licensed asbestos remediation contractor, such as Peerless Environmental LLC which is based out of Greenville SC.

Why Was Asbestos Used in Building Materials?

A variety of photos including insulation, roofing shingles, floor tiles, cement, pipes, and paint with the words Asbestos Containing Materials. These materials should be safely removed by a licensed asbestos contractor.

Asbestos was used extensively in building materials in the past because of its durability, insulation properties, and ability to resist fire. Some common building materials that contained asbestos include:

  • Insulation: Asbestos was often used as insulation in attics, walls, and floors to help keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Roofing Shingles: Asbestos was used in some types of roofing shingles because it was strong and durable.
  • Floor Tiles: Asbestos was often used in the production of floor tiles, particularly those made from vinyl or linoleum.
  • Cement Sheets: Asbestos was sometimes used in the production of cement sheets, which were used for a variety of purposes, including as a backing for tiles, as a fireproofing material, and as a soundproofing material.
  • Pipe and Boiler Insulation: Asbestos was used to insulate pipes and boilers in order to reduce heat loss and improve efficiency.
  • Textured Paint: Asbestos was sometimes used in textured paint, which was popular in the 1970s and 1980s because it could be used to create a variety of textures on walls and ceilings.

Asbestos is now known to be a carcinogen and its use in building materials has been banned in many countries. If you suspect that your home or building may contain asbestos, it is important to have it tested and removed by a qualified professional to avoid the risk of exposure.

Peerless Environmental LLC Provides a Range of Environmental Remediation Services in Upstate South Carolina

With over 50 years of service industry experience, we work hard to keep homes and businesses in our communities safe from exposure to harmful substances such as asbestos. Peerless is a trusted and licensed asbestos contractor serving the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson metro area. Call us today about our asbestos abatement services near you and get a free no-cost asbestos abatement quote.

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Last updated on June 25th, 2024 at 05:16 pm